the genius of the land

A wondrous land of prolific soils seen nowhere else.   Savor the wonder wine and the nutriments of the wonder soil.

More than forty years ago, Gary and Marian Conway purchased a 19th Century homesteaded ranch west of Paso Robles and six miles from the seacoast art colony of Cambria, within the headlands of stunning Big Sur country.

Gary first beheld the idyllic beauty of this mountain valley aboard a helicopter moments before it crashed.  Emerging from the wreckage, Gary dusted himself off and promptly announced to the still stunned real estate broker, "I'm going to buy this place!"  

This is the stuff of legends. see  "art of the vineyard." 
Legendary vineyard.  In the ensuing years, this pristine land, now known to lie prominently in the Premium Wine Growing Area of the United States, if not the world, has indeed evolved into a legendary vineyard.  Legendary is an understatement as the land was tectonically formed 26-million years ago by three volcanoes emerging in lava fire from out of an inland sea. 

Beyond world-class.  From this ultimate power we now find supersoils and wonder soils seen nowhere else on the planet.  The volcano trio, amazingly, exists within the 160-acre property lines, and the natural, non-GMO grape vines actually grow in the magma of the volcanoes.  Combined with microclimates also unmatched, to call this vineyard and winery world-class is an understatement.

Most significant ag studies ever conducted.   One of the earlier chapters of the Carmody McKnight saga involved the most salient scientific studies ever conducted on a vineyard with implications that reach far beyond viticultural maintenance.  Carmody McKnight Estate Vineyards was chosen as the only vineyard and winery in the United States to be the subject of extraordinary research projects with university particpants from all over the world.

Never required fertilization during its 30-plus years.  These decades-long seminal studies concentrated on the vast array of natural, complex soils never seen in such combinations.  Equally phenomenal is the fact that the vineyard has never required fertilization of the soils at any time during its 30-plus years.  As notable, under no circumstances have fungicides, which are mostly toxic, ever been applied in the vineyard's history (in France, today, as many as 14 different fungicides are sprayed in a single vineyard during one season alone!). 

Nutrients, flavors, human health divinely connected.  The research and examinations took advantage of newly discovered technology to make the work even more profound and far reaching.  The fact-finding explorations concentrated on minerals and micronutrients and their relationship to flavors and quality in wine as well as our overall food supply.  The research also led to the essential connection between nutrients, flavors and human health.

Paso Robles Westside wine trail launched.  Before these studies established Carmody McKnight vineyards as viticulturally foremost, 160 acres of the original ranch was sold to Justin Baldwin.  That was over thirty years ago and Justin dedicated himself to consummate estate wine making. As he planted his vineyard, Gary and Marian planted nearly 100 acres on their 160 acres.  Justin's rise to major prominence is well chronicled, and along with the Conway vineyard, which became Carmody McKnight, the Paso Robles preeminent Westside Wine Trail was launched.

Now the unrivaled premium growing area.  More recently, Justin sold his vineyard and winery to the billionaires and philanthropists, Stewart and Lynda Resnick.  The Resnicks who built a dominant agricultural empire in California including brands Fiji Water, Pom Wonderful, etc., paid  a reported sum of over $50 million for Justin.  They have invested further millions and are establishing one of the major quality wineries in the United States centered at the Justin Vineyard and greatly enhanced by their gifts of foresight and brilliant marketing skills.
Valuable vineyards.  Billionaires abound around Carmody McKnight, and one of the wealthiest and most conscionable men in the world, Hansjörg Wyss, who acquired neighboring Halter Winery, also purchased more land nearby, as have the Resnicks.  The Resnicks and Wyss virtually surround Carmody McKnight with their very valuable holdings and enthusiasm about the future of this special neighborhood.

Astonishing attributes.  The Carmody McKnight Vineyard is unique in the world; that is a statement of science, easily confirmed by the years of studies conducted by renowned viticulturalists from many countries.  As Napa declines as a prime vineyard area, the Westside of Paso Robles, already decreed by earth scientists as the dominantly superior growing area in the world, takes center stage.  The Carmody McKnight Vineyard now earns its place as the pinnacle of the elite but shrinking list of stellar vineyards around the globe.  It will be astonishing for most to see the imposing number of attributes of the Carmody McKnight Vineyard. 

               Prized deposits of calcium montmorillonite.
The land of Carmody McKnight is endowed with rare deposits of the “wonder soil” ~ calcium montmorillonite, as well as a newly discovered “super soil” with even more nutrient power and health attributes. Calcium montmorillonite is a treasured detoxifying nutriment containing up to 67 minerals and trace elements possessing an extraordinary balance of macronutrients (Ca, Mg, P, S, N & K) and micronutrients (Fe, Mn, Cu, etc.). These discoveries came about after decades of research.
              Teams of university scientists and researchers.
The unprecedented studies were led by Thomas J. Rice, Ph.D., C.P.S.S., Professor of Earth & Soil Sciences, in a joint project between Cal Poly Earth and Soil Sciences & Food Chemistry, Food Science, Nutrition, & Statistical Departments, John Deere Global Ag. Services, State of California, Earth Information Technologies Inc., and Motorola. The project also involved Debbie Soukup, Ph.D, Professor of Geology, University of Nevada, RonTaskey, Ph.D, Cal Poly, SLO as  well as worldwide university teams of notable professors, scientists, and researchers.
         A food & detoxifyer more significant now than ever.
Revered by earth scientists and nutritionists, this surface-accessible prize deposit exists in very few places on earth.  If you are not familiar with the wonders of calcium montmorillonite as an essential food and detoxifying source more significant now than ever, it is well worth learning about its profound qualities for human health and focus on nutrients in the soil ~ the “blood test.”  No other discussion is relevant to where our attention must be centered in regards to our nation’s health and wellness which is in a crisis. 
             Calcium montmorillonite in consumable form.
All the extraordinary benefits directly derived from “wonder soil”
calcium montmorillonite clay are contained specifically in the estate wine and Tuscan olive oils, if not consumed directly. To that end, calcium montmorillonite from this rare source will fortunately be available in consumable form for optimum health.  In a major seminal appearance at Beijing University, Gary Conway drank his “wonder soil” in a wine glass.  He illuminated its efficacy in front of an immensely appreciative audience of Chinese captains of commerce and renowned educators; they understood that a diet designed for the body begins with a prolific soil, which must be demonstrated.  This is the most ignored and obfuscated truth in our society which is paying dearly for the marketed ignorance.  

In a major seminal appearance at Beijing University, Gary Conway savored calcium montmorillonite in a wine glass.  He calls it Magma Milk!  Gary and friends, devoted to bringing awareness to our depleted sols and almost total lack of nutrients in our diets, will introduce this great gift of nature into the marketplace.

Classic, non-mutant grapes.  The winery/public/living area of the vineyard consists of a lake-front 140-year farm house which doubles as the tasting room, offices, and galleries.  Also several formidable barns, horse barns, stables and unique homes and pools and an impressive art studio and gallery as well as a strawbale natural winery.  Carmody McKnight natural wine starts its creative process with classic, non-mutant grape vines and grapes and after four years (or more) evolving in the cellar, the estate wine finishes its journey with hand-bottling and graced with some of the most artistic and intrinsic labels to appear on any bottle.  This is ultimate craftsmanship, not a factory formulated, impersonal product.  Carmody McKnight is a farm family enterprise, quality-driven, responsible, and a deeply creative pursuit from the ground up.